About That Toy Thing

Whilst we as parents spent a staggering £3.3 billion on toys in the UK in 2018, children across the country have an average of 4 toys that have NEVER been played with – meaning thousands of toys are currently unused. In addition, 1 in 3 parents just in the North West admit to throwing away perfectly good toys – toys that could have been used for a lot longer than they had been.

Meanwhile, 52% of families in Greater Manchester are living in poverty and children are missing out on good quality toys because the prices just keep rising, making many unaffordable. 

So what if there’s a way to provide great toys for children to play with, help parents to save money and save the planet from thousands of toys ending up in landfill?

We have a solution! 

That Toy Thing, our toy sharing service, gives families a bundle of toys every month to try out and play with – from just £5 a month (that’s £1.72 a week). Our toys are all age specific and focused on infant and child development (suitable from birth to 8 years). Families can change their toys every month for no additional cost and simply swap them for new ones – saving them money and reducing toy waste. This service will fully launch in 2022. 

We are delighted to be launching a fully funded ‘pilot’ service with the support of The National Lottery Community fund, for 100 of the most vulnerable families in Greater Manchester between now and June 2023. Opening for referrals on 1st December 2021, each family referred to our pilot will receive a minimum of £20 RRP of toys which are matched to their needs. Each family will receive a funded subscription for up to 6 months, in return for valuable feedback on the project. At the end of the pilot service, they can make a donation to keep the toys if they wish. Read more about the eligibility criteria and how to refer/be referred for this service here

Being able to offer the most vulnerable children, for example those on children in need plans, fleeing domestic violence, families with no recourse to public funds, a free subscription for 6 months will allow families to have access to resources they need for their children’s development and help toddlers become school ready. Our paid service will start in Spring 2022, with subscriptions of £5, 10 or £15 per month.
More details coming soon!

Our service will be powered by donations of good quality pre-loved toys as well as small numbers of new and specialist toys. This is so we can keep the cycle going – saving toys from waste and helping families play more sustainably. Use the button below to find out how to donate your old toys to us.

That Toy Thing is part of Visit from the Stork CIC, an award-winning social enterprise supporting parents and parents-to-be across Greater Manchester to give their children the best quality of life.